Welcome to Schmidt Law

Schmidt Law serves a wide variety of clients. From complex personal injury cases to simple traffic citations, Kurt Schmidt has been providing legal advice in Wilson for more than 24 years. The types of cases we can handle include:

Personal Injury

When hurt in an accident due to the fault of another, you suddenly face unforeseen medical bills and lost wages in addition to the sudden change in your personal health. I help clients recover monies from the insurance company to compensate for these losses whether by settlement or at trial.

Wrongful Death

The loss of a loved one due to the fault of another has an emotional and financial impact on a family. I fight for the loved one’s family to obtain monies to fill the void when a tragic loss occurs.

Traffic Citation

When my clients are charged with a traffic citation, I represent them throughout the entire process and seek the best resolution of the citation.

Hiring Kurt Schmidt

Trial Experience

Mr. Schmidt has been practicing law for nearly three decades. He has tried over 100 cases, and while his ultimate goal is a resolution for his client, his trial experience is what sets him apart.


Kurt Schmidt is intimately familiar with the local court system, and being a hometown lawyer, Kurt knows the ins and outs of the Wilson legal system.


Kurt and his team will work diligently on your case and will provide the same level of professionalism and attention to detail no matter the magnitude of your case.

Track Record

With the first ever million dollar verdict in Wilson, Kurt Schmidt’s reputation precedes him. He’s no stranger to big wins and will represent you with aggressive, yet sound legal authority.

Do Not Be Intimidated.

From the onset of your relationship with Schmidt Law, we promise you this: we will provide legal advice to the best of our ability. We won’t advise you to take risks we wouldn’t take ourselves, and we will respect your circumstance and opinion every step of the way.